Thank You

First off, THANK YOU!!!! I know I’ve said this a bunch, but I truly can’t thank each of you enough! Because of you, we were able to consistently stay 1st and 2nd throughout the entire campaign (won’t get final results until next week).


What I Learned

This whole project was something definitely out of my comfort zone. Putting myself out there, putting my writing out there, and posting daily on three different social channels. But this kinda turned into a little passion project and I ended up enjoying all the parts from setting up the website, planning content, then writing and creating content to be posted everywhere.


Future Plans

With the NHL Playoffs starting April 17th this year, I’ll still be keeping up, to the best of my ability, with socials and maybe a blog post here and there until the Stanley Cup is hoisted up into the air. Feel free to still submit questions and favorite moments, I’m still here to answer those questions and I love hearing and sharing your moments!

As far as what’s to come after the playoffs are over, I’m not sure yet. With summer travels, gearing up to start my senior year, and prepping for grad school, I’m not sure if I’ll have the time that I would need to put into this project. But once I make a decision, my socials will be the first to know so keep an eye on those.


Again, thank you for following along and showing your support! Stay tuned for what’s potentially to come. And let the 2023 NHL Playoffs begin!