A big part of my campaign has been the 7th Man. I recently shared my favorite hockey moments and now I wanted to share some of yours!


Here are some of your stories:

I loved being at Bridgestone for the retirement of Pekka Rinne. Not only was he a great goalie, but he gave back so much to the community. It was great to be there when his jersey was raised to the rafters.

– Susan S.


I went to a Pittsburgh Penguins game yesterday! We played the Rangers and I was worried at first. Our passes were messy and our teams coordination was off. Finally the last period came around and we’re 2-2, 5 minutes left when my bosses kid says “don’t worry guys, we’ll get em in the over time”. Sure enough, we’re in over time with a delayed penalty. The ranger touched the puck and Letang got the goal! Pretty awesome anniversary with the perk of free box tickets from work.

– Phoebe R.


I interned with the Preds this season while also working at an indoor soccer field. I’ve been able to meet and talk to some of the players throughout the season. During the fall, Mattias Ekholm came to my work fairly regularly because of a youth sports program. He recognized me from working with the Preds and being around the locker room and I got to talk to him a little bit at work when he came in! That has been one of the coolest experiences so far! I’m really gonna miss Ekky now that he’s in Edmonton.

– Drew G


I took my dad to his first hockey game to see the Nashville Predators a couple of months ago. It was a wonderful game, but the best part was watching him get excited about the game and learning to love hockey like me. He now wants to go to more games and watching my dad become a new fan reminds me of why I love the sport so much and being a part of the cheering crowd.

– Emily W.


Not really a game but a memorable hockey experience. We were in Toronto to see the Preds play the Leafs on March 12, 2020 – the day the COVID shut down much of the world! The Canadians who were at our dinner location (just next to Scotiabank Arena) were so kind. They bought us dinner and drinks but also “gave us the 2 points” as if we had won the game (the fans couldn’t actually do this but it was a nice gesture). I really fell for the Canadian hockey fans on that trip.

– David S.


I interned with the Preds this season and got to meet and talk to so many of the guys. I got to work media day when all the players got into town just before preseason. I walked a bunch of the guys around to each of the different media stations including to get their headshots done, do ad reads for the radio, answer interview questions, and to the “gladiator booth” (those little videos you see on the jumbotron at the games and on the socials during player introductions and when they score a goal.) One of the players I got to meet during media day was new Preds goalie Kevin Lankinen. He came up to me in his goalie gear and introduced himself saying, “Hi! I’m Kevin!.” Working media day was my first realization that I truly get to work with the team behind the scenes that I have grown up watching and loving.

– Drew G.


I went to my first Preds game last year and I was hooked! We were up at the top of the arena and the atmosphere was something I had never experienced at any other sports game I’d been to. The people were so fun and I will always remember the video of Tim McGraw up on the screen swinging around a stuffed fish singing ‘I Like It, I Love It’ after we scored a goal!

– Georgia N., founder of Peach Blossom Events (go check her out!)


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